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The Good Mourning Game

Product Number : W-330

  • Beautifully illustrated game designed to help children resolve their grief in a calming and peaceful environment
  • Introduces techniques to help children cope with their grief
  • Can be used for any type of loss a child might have experienced including a move, divorce, or death
  • Ages 6-14

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by Nicholas J. Bisenius, Ph.D., and Michele Norris, M.S.W.; Art by Steve Galloway

An enchanting gameboard is the centerpiece of this wonderful therapy tool. It creates a magical yet peaceful environment where children who've suffered a loss can resolve their grief. The board illustrates nature's basic cycle, which, like the grief cycle, moves from stormy intensity to relative calm. Game cards introduce techniques that can help children work through the grieving process. Players learn to share memories, explore feelings, enjoy laughter and play, relax, and identify their own coping strategies. When they complete the Star Path, they each receive a Shining Starwhich serves as a reminder of new coping skills learned.

Whether loss has occurred through illness, death, or a change in lifestylesuch as a move, a divorce, or new custody arrangementsthis game lets children resolve their grief in an open, supportive, and caring environment. Research conducted with children's grief groups shows that both group leaders and participants give the Good Mourning Game high ratings. It can be played by a therapist and one to three children, usually in about 45 minutes.

Suitable for ages 6-18