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The Berenstain Bears Keep Your Cool Bingo Game

Product Number : 107161400

  • Fun bingo game designed to help children learn to express anger in a healthy way
  • Covers five different skills: Distract yourself, understand your feelings, solve a problem, relax your body, and practice happy and helping behavior
  • Designed for children ages 5-10, 3-16 players
  • A fun and effective tool

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Suitable for ages 5-10, and 3 to 16 players. The Berenstain Bears bingo games are a perfect way to teach emotional intelligence skills in a counseling session or a classroom. Each kit contains 16 Bingo Cards and teaches five different skills. This game teaches kid show to distract themselves when they are angry, how to self-calm, how to problem-solve and more. The teacher or counselor just picks a card at random and calls it out. If a child can match it to his Bingo Card, he must answer the questions before putting down a chip. A simple but effective way to teach emotional skills that kids will love!