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Teen Therapy Game Package by Dr. Gary

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  • Each of these games was selected by Dr. Gary Yorke for its value and therapeutic use
  • Includes 6 of our top selling games for teens
  • Perfect for the new therapist or the seasoned professional

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This great kit was hand selected by Dr. Gary Yorke and offers some of our most popular teen therapy games!


Emotional Bingo for Teens (English & Spanish) - This new twist on the traditional game of bingo requires players to identify feelings rather than numbers on their bingo cards. Ideal for counseling groups or classrooms, this game broadens teens emotional vocabularies and teaches empathy for the feelings of others. Features both Spanish and English Bingo cards.

Teen talk In A Jar - This small and easy to store game contains discussion starters on just about anything teens will want to talk about.

A Helping Hand Card Game - An interactive with cards that address 4 different topics:self-esteem, positive lifestyle, coping skills, and relationships. Each card starts with Can someone give me a hand with... and in this way teens can offer and take feedback from each other.

Values and Virtues 4 Inch Thumball - Using this thumball is a great way to encourage teens to reflect on themselves and set goals for themselves. Each panel has a letter and then 3 characteristics listed underneath. Teens pass the ball around and talk about traits that they have, wish they had, or that they recognize in someone else.

Totika Cube Game (Includes Self-Esteem Cards) - This is a fun variation of the classic Totika Stacking game. On each turn, players roll the Cube to determine the color. Then, they pick a card, and respond to the matching color question. The game is very flexible, and participants can make up their own rules. The Totika cube game is a simple, quick, fun communication game for one-on-one or with any size group. The Totika Self-Esteem card deck includes 150 open-ended questions intended to promote discussions about self-confidence, setting and achieving goals, role models, motivation, personal success and happiness. It is suitable for two or more players ages 8 to adult.

Teen-Adult Principles, Values and Beliefs (for Totika) -The deck includes 48 cards with over 150 thought-provoking questions about personal principles, values and beliefs. The TEEN-ADULT PRINCIPLES, VALUES AND BELIEFS card deck includes open-ended questions designed to promote moral development, social awareness and civility. Questions in this card deck are more challenging and not appropriate for players under 13. A nice addition to the Totika game.Suitable for ages 13 to adult.

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