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Social Skills Training Therapy Game Package

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  • Suitable for play therapy, child therapy, school counseling and many other educational environments
  • Offers a nice variety of tools for developing social skills
  • Suitable for children in elementary school and middle school
  • Economical way to add additional counseling and educational tools to your collection

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Use Your I's

Learning to be assertive instead of aggressive can be very effective in reducing anti-social behaviors. And one of the best ways to teach children assertiveness skills is by training them to use I-Messages. An I-Message is a way to express your feelings in a non-threatening manner, by structuring statements in a specific way. When children use I-Messages to express themselves, they are more likely to be heard and less likely to get into conflict.

Use Your Is is a board game that teaches children how to express their feelings without jeopardizing the rights of others. Game cards provide realistic situations that provoke emotions such as anger, guilt, humiliation, happiness, and embarrassment. Players learn to verbally describe their feelings to others and explain why they feel the way they do. Use Your Is also helps children become comfortable using the first-person pronoun to share their feelings.  Ages 5 to 10

The Helping, Sharing and Caring Board Game

Promotes the development of critical social skills in the home or classroom. Children develop the social skills and attitudes that will improve their relationships with friends, family, and other adults. Players learn about the importance of self-esteem, kindness, safety, ethics, values, health, empathy, consideration of others, and sympathy. Developed by Richard Gardner, MD
For 2-6 players, ages 4-12

Rules and Reasons

Providing `logical consequences` is one of the most effective discipline techniques used with children. But why wait until children misbehave to teach them about the consequences of breaking rules? This unique game will teach children how they can avoid punishments altogether by applying their problem-solving skills. This handsomely illustrated game comes with behavior charts that can be used with the game or in a `real-life` contingency management point system.
For 2-4 players. Ages 5-10

Journey to Friendsville 

Journey to Friendsville is designed with the busy counselor in mind. Kids learn social skills and how to develop rewarding friendships in 15 minute increments as they journey on the game board towards the town of Friendsville. There are five skills in total, and one skill is the focus of each 15 minute session.
Kids can play multiple times to learn all five skills.

- The Social and Emotional Competence Game

Designed to give counselors and teachers a great tool to teach social and emotional skills. Social and emotional competence refers to the capacity to recognize and manage emotions, solve problems effectively, and establish and maintain relationships with others. It is these skills that serve to protect our children from a host of difficulties including behavior problems, increased emotional distress, academic failure, delinquency, and substance abuse. The Social and Emotional Competence Game is a fun way to teach empathy, communication skills, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, self-management, and responsible decision-making. The Social and Emotional Competence Game is easily integrated into existing programs. It can also be used in individual and small group therapy. Up to for players, 6 to 14 years old.

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