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School Counseling and Play Therapy Game Package #1

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  • Suitable for schools, clinics, and private practice
  • Covers a wide range of topics
  • Ages 6 to 13
  • An economical way to add a lot of variety to your game collection

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Dr. Gary has created this package especially for school counselors! Play therapy is a highly effective method, and these hand-selected games will provide you with the tools that you need! This package includes:

The Classroom Behavior Game: A helpful game to address the most common of classroom misbehaviors. Reinforces 12 positive behaviors, such as raising your hand, taking turns, ignoring others, having a positive attitude and more!

Emotional Bingo (English and Spanish): Ideal for counseling groups or classrooms, Emotional Bingo not only helps children learn to recognize various feelings, it also teaches empathy-- a trait associated with lower incidence of violent behavior. Game rules provide opportunities for children to discuss their own feelings and to respond empathetically to the feelings of others.

Play-2-Learn Go Fish Cast Away Conflict: This fun game provides players with the skills needed to manage conflict in an appropriate and socially acceptable way. Scenario cards present brief but detailed conflict situations that players are asked to resolve calmly and effectively. By practicing strategies such as apologizing, compromising, and listening, players learn to adopt behaviors that can enhance their relationships at home, at school, and within the community.

Yes I Can Handle My Anger: This game is an activity designed to help participants understand and appreciate various aspects of being angry. There are three types of cards designed to help participants identify triggers for anger, identify positive and negative behaviors associated with anger, and identify thoughts associated with anger. Developing anger management skills is aided by discussion and role playing during the game.

Play-2-Learn Go Fish: Catch Good Character: The questions are designed to encourage players to give examples from their own experience about some behaviors that demonstrate good character and to help other players understand the meaning of common character traits.

Play-2-Learn: Go Fish Fishing for Feelings: This game teaches the skills needed to successfully deal with feelings, recognize feelings in others, and identify appropriate feelings. Players practice talking about their feelings in an open ended and non-threatening way.

Play-2-Learn Go Fish: Hooked on Friendship: Each scenario covers basic lessons in fairness, kindness, respect and understanding. The scenarios draw from daily interactions that take place during school, activities after school, in the neighborhood and at home.

Play-2-Learn Go Fish: Reel in Responsibility: Based on the scenarios presented on the cards, players are asked to identify behaviors as responsible of irresponsible. Most of the questions are open-ended to encourage personal thoughts and expression.

Totika Cube Game with Self-Esteem Cards: This is a fun variation of the classic Totika Stacking game. On each turn, players roll the Cube to determine the color. Then, they pick a card, and respond to the matching color question. The game is very flexible, and participants can make up their own rules. The Totika cube game is a simple, quick, fun communication game for one-on-one or with any size group. The Totika Self-Esteem card deck includes 150 open-ended questions intended to promote discussions about self-confidence, setting and achieving goals, role models, motivation, personal success and happiness.

All About You? Thumball: Our fun four inch thumball contains lots of questions to help you break the ice! It's the fun, innovative way for people to get acquainted. Simply toss the ball around the group. The player who catches the ball simply responds to the prompt under their thumb.