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Rewards for Kids: Ready to Use Charts and Activities for Positive Parenting

Product Number : 100661600

  • Strategies and tools for positive parenting
  • Easy to follow with lots of hands on tools and suggestions
  • Replace scolding, threats and bribes with self-esteem building positive strategies
  • Easy to follow strategies can be individualized for each child

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by Virginia M. Shiller, Meg F. Schneider, Bonnie Matthews

Finding a way to encourage preschoolers and elementary school children to behave well without resorting to scolding, threats, or bribery is a parent's number one challenge. In Rewards for Kids! psychologist and child-development expert Dr. Virginia M. Shiller explains why it works to catch them doing something good. Reward, not bribery, is the key. Dr. Shiller shows parents how to use a variety of child-friendly sticker charts and other tools to help children improve their behavior. This proven positive-parenting technique has been used to help kids overcome such common behavior problems as bedtime procrastination, doing chores, getting along with siblings or friends, getting ready for school and other events on time, and completing homework without fuss. In clear, easy steps, parents will learn creative ways to change their children's problem behavior using an individualized plan that will help children feel good about their new accomplishments. Along the way, Dr. Shiller communicates a great depth of understanding about the needs of children and the many ways of engaging them. The numerous pull-out charts, awards, and certificates are designed to appeal to boys and girls of different ages, ensure plenty of variety, and can be personalized by coloring and decorating them with photos and stickers. This book can make disciplining kids effectively both constructive and fun.


131 pages