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Premium Play Therapy Game Package by Dr. Gary

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  • A great value, each game was hand-picked by Dr. Gary for its therapeutic value
  • An excellent way to start your collection, or supplement what you already have
  • Includes seven different games
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All of these games were hand-picked by Dr. Gary for their therapeutic value! This set includes:

Mad Dragon: An Anger Control Card Game: A fun, fast paced game that plays like UNO, designed for children ages 6-12. Mad Dragon helps children control their anger in the moment, practice 12 effective anger management techniques, understand what anger feels and looks like, avoid anger-provoking situations and more. For 2 to 8 players.

Blurt It Out! The Say What You Think Sentence Completion GameChildren will find this game to be a fun and pleasurable way to learn about themselves, as they learn how to express themselves. This engaging game allows therapists and counselors to assess psychological processes quickly and effectively in a playful and non-threatening way, while helping the child to increase self-awareness and self-understanding. Together, game participants will find new ways to solve problems, identify their emotions, and communicate effectively.The game includes four feelings decks, and two bonus decks. Therapists and counselors have considerable flexibility in how they use these decks. Blank cards, directions, suggestions for use, die, a bag of chips, and a sturdy storage box are included.  

The Talking, Feeling, and Doing Game: One of the most popular tools in child psychotherapy! Throughout the game, players move around the board and land on different colored spaces. Depending on the color of the space, a player will draw either a Talking, Feeling, or Doing Card. Each of the cards includes questions or prompts that are not anxiety provoking, and some that are slightly anxiety provoking. If the child responds, they receive a plastic chip. At the end of the game, the player with the most chips wins. This game can be used with up to 4-5 players, and is valuable in the treatment of learning-disabled children, and with children who can reveal themselves more freely but who may also need a respite from more anxiety provoking therapeutic endeavors. 

Stop, Relax, and Think Board Game: Very popular board game that teaches impulsive children motor control, relaxation skills, how to express their feelings and how to problem solve. Includes information on how to use the game as both a diagnostic and treatment tool, and how behaviors learned in the game can be generalized for the home or classroom. Suitable for ages 6-12. 

You Can Control Your Worries: A game book designed especially for children with anxiety disorders. Includes 3 different games in a highly portable format. Each game is easy to use and will be an effective part of treating all kinds of anxiety disorders. Suitable for grades K-6.

Social and Emotional Competence Game: Developed by Dr. Gary, this board game asks players to follow a winding path, drawing game cards along the way. These cards cover five topics: sharing feelings, getting along, caring, communication, and cooperating. As children answer questions posed on the cards, they gradually learn how to recognize and manage emotions, empathize with others, solve problems, communicate effectively, make responsible decisions, and build healthy relationships. For 2 to 6 players. 

Totika Cube GameThis is a fun variation of the classic Totika Stacking game. On each turn, players roll the Cube to determine the color. Then, they pick a card, and respond to the matching color question. The game is very flexible, and participants can make up their own rules. The Totika cube game is a simple, quick, fun communication game for one-on-one or with any size group. The Totika Self-Esteem card deck includes 150 open-ended questions intended to promote discussions about self-confidence, setting and achieving goals, role models, motivation, personal success and happiness.