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Portable Play Therapy Game Package by Dr. Gary

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  • An excellent set, hand-picked by Dr. Gary himself
  • Perfect to start your game collection, or supplement what you already have
  • Contains 9 different games and a handy duffle bag

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What a great value!  This set includes:

Feelings In A Jar: Conveniently stored in a plastic jar, this game contains 101 feelings cards. Pull a card and act it out! Perfect for discussion starters, journal prompts, ice breakers or more. 

Kid's Ungame Cards and Pocket Game: A non-competitive game that encourages conversation and communication. Use as an ice breaker or for a serious exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas. A very gentle and encouraging way to ease kids into therapeutic conversations. 

Teen Ungame Cards and Pocket Game: A great way to ease teens into useful therapeutic conversations. Gentle, encouraging and non-competitive. 

55 Favorite Healing Activities for Children: Written by experienced trauma counselors, this book contains three different card games and a mini board game.

Changing Family GamesA collection of games to help children with family issues such as separation, divorce, natural disasters, remarriage, adoption, moving and more.

In Control: A Book of Games to Teach Self-Control SkillsA book of 6 games to help children keep cool under any circumstance. 

Dr. Playwell's Anger Control GamesIncludes six different colorful games in one portable package. Games teach children how to recognize triggers for their anger, self-control, self-calming, and much more. 

The Feelings Playing CardsPlay your favorite card game and become familiar with 30 different feelings! Includes directions for Go Feelings (Go Fish), Frustrated (Old Maid), Concentration, Bingo Feeling-O and more! 

The Social and Emotional Competence Game: Developed by Dr. Gary, this game is fun way to teach empathy, communication skills, self-management, and responsible decision-making. 

Small Duffle Bag: A small duffle bag to carry all of your new games! Perfect for the therapist on the go!