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How to Take the Grrrr Out of Anger - Revised

Product Number : 15101241500

  • This easy to read brightly illustrated book teaches children step by step ways to control their anger
  • Find chapters on things like: The Different Faces of Anger, Five Steps to Taming That Temper, Anger Radar and more
  • Ages 8-13

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By Elizabeth Verdick and Marjorie Lisovskis. Ages 8-13.


Everyone gets angry sometimes. But it you're angry a lot... or stay angry for a long time...or get in trouble for getting angry... or don't like the way anger makes you act of feel...this book can show you how to take the grrr out of anger.


A hot temper isn't cool. You have the power to overpower your anger. Look inside this book to find:

-Five Steps to Taming your Temper

-Six Steps to Solving Anger Problems

-Clues to Your Anger Buttons and Your Body's Anger Warning Signs

-the Lowdown on Calming Down

-Tips for Using Your Anger Radar

-Things You Can Do When Grown-Ups Get Angry

-And More!!


So don't lose your head, use it instead! Learn how to manage your anger and feel great!


About the Author:

Elizabeth Verdick helped create the Laugh & Learn series and is the author of many books for children and teens. Marjorie Lisovskis has been editing books for kids, parents and teachers for over 30 years.

128 pages. 5.1 x .3 x 7 inches. Color Illustrations. Paperback.