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Heartbeats: Help troubled teens develop empathy*

Product Number : W-455

  • Teaches children the appropriate expression of feelings and the importance of empathy
  • Based off work with disadvantaged youth, many of the game cards where inspired by comments from group therapy sessions
  • Addresses topics like peer pressure, compassion, coping, dealing with authority and more

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by Kendra Lince Davis, M.A.

The game encourages appropriate expression of feelings and development of empathy.  The game has an expansive breadth, addressing peer pressure, self-doubt, compassion, coping, and dealing with authority. Included with the game are 30 blank cards and card creation guidelines that allow you and your group to customize the game in ways that ensure player interest and participation.

Based on decades of experience with disadvantaged youth in low-income communities, this appealing game stays close to its roots. With game cards based on the comments of kids in group counseling sessions, Heartbeats feels authentic. It truly reflects the perspective of kids in difficult circumstances and, therefore, is likely to be accepted by them.

4-6 players, ages 8 and up.