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Bully, Bystander, Target

Teach kids concrete, nonviolent skills and behaviors that reduce bullying.

This game teaches students that they have the ability to encourage or discourage bullying, whether they are the bully, bystander, or target. It also demonstrates that most bullying is motivated by social goals, including status, popularity, and power. Children learn:

  • How bullies can use pro-social skills rather than bullying behavior to achieve goals
  • How bystanders can prevent and discourage bullying
  • How targets can avoid becoming a victim by preventing and discouraging bullying, and when it is appropriate to seek help from a trusted adult

BullySafe includes rules for both cooperative and competitive play. Players read Situation Cards that describe typical middle-school bullying behavior, and players then use Advice Cards to offer suggestions to the target, bystander, or bully in each situation. A skills sheet offers tips for nonviolent ways to reduce and stop bullying. Played in 25 to 50 minutes, this card game is intended for 2 to 5 players.

Includes Rules; Facilitator’s Guide; 1 Skills Sheet; 27 Situation Cards; 53 Advice Cards; and bag of Bully, Bystander, and Target Tokens