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Bridge of Self-Confidence Game, Teen Version

Product Number : 180161400

  • Creative, non-competitive game
  • Covers strengths, emotions and life skills
  • 2-10 players, Ages 15-Adult

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Ages 15-Adults. Use this creative, non-competitive game to cover three life management skills. Move the players along the word SELF to one of three spaces which covers a major life management skill. Provide a supportive, empowering environment. Use laminated reference guide for prompting as needed. For 2-10 players.

Three card decks included:


    • 1. A-Z: 63 cards focusing on strengths.

    • 2. EMOTIONS: 63 cards to identify and express feelings.

    • 3. SELF-MANAGE I (for adults) or SEALS + PLUS (for teens): open-ended questions focusing on life skills topics covered in the Life Management Skills for adults or the SEALS series for teens.

      Game includes:

    • Vinyl gamecloth (30"" x 36"")

    • 2 Dice

    • 2 laminated reference guides: A-Z EMOTIONS

    • 10 game pawns

    • Detailed Instructions Guide (includes warm-up & process)

    • 3 decks of cards: A-Z, EMOTIONS, Self-Manager I (Adults) or SEALS + PLUS (Teen)


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