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All Five Dealing With Feelings Books

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  • Complete set of all six Dealing with Feelings Books
  • Appropriate for children ages 3-9
  • Books cover excitement, frustration, anger, pride and fear

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I'm Excited:Twins Annie and Jess are so excited about their birthday party, the end up ruining the cake. Help them handle their energy until it's party time.

I'm Frustrated:Everyone gets frustrated occasionally. Alex wants to skate like his brother and sister, but he can't even stand up. Says one teacher, Shows that just one attempt to work through the feeling of frustration is not always enough ..

I'm Furious:How can kids diffuse their anger? Your kids decide what Matt should do when his brother ruins his favorite baseball card. I'm so angry inside I can't think! he tells his mother.

I'm Mad:Katie needs help working through her anger when a long-awaited picnic is cancelled by rain. Katie's father has several ideas, and your child can make suggestions, too. As one critic wrote, Finally! A book that recognizes a child's anger as a real and legitimate feeling.

I'm Scared:Tracy is anxious to meet her new neighbors, but she's frightened that their big dog might bite. What should she do?

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